🇬🇧Taxes and location independent work. Here’s why I chose the UK.

Conducting a business as an individual while constantly on the move is an idea which is still new enough that, as far as I know, not many Countries’ governments take such possibility into consideration. So, as digital nomads, we quickly get used to the idea of being in the nether zone. We are forced to eat grey areas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are we really supposed to pay the taxes to the exact Country where we were located when we executed our work? To use an extreme example, which Country’s ministry of treasure should I make happy if I am doing some graphic design on my laptop on a plane from London to Singapore?

🇬🇧How I found happiness in Portugal

The places I visited are, in chronological order, Faro, Lagos, Lisbon, Peniche, Nazarè, Porto, Ericeira, Coimbra. But no fear, I haven’t started this blog only to be the n-th person to scream to the world how interesting and vibrant and cool Lisbon is.

🇮🇹Come ho trovato la felicità in Portogallo

I posti che ho visitato sono, in ordine cronologico, Faro, Lagos, Lisbona, Peniche, Nazarè, Porto, Ericeira, Coimbra. Ma non temete, non ho iniziato questo blog per finire inglobato dalla massa di gente esaltata da quanto interessante e figa sia Lisbona. Francamente ho trovato la capitale piuttosto deludente e moscia, almeno se paragonata alla versione pompata che il turista medio descrive.

🇬🇧How I became a minimalist

I had decided to turn my job into a location independent version of it, and that night I was relocating from Milan to Berlin. That van weighed as much as the load that the Atlas the titan was condemned to carry on his shoulders, but I was feeling free.